Tanah sebagai media bertanam

“Soil is the medium wich supports the growth of plants. It provides mechanical supports, the water and oxygen supply to plant roots as well as the plant nutrients.”

“Soil is one of the most important national resources of any country. The soil not only grows a variety of food and fodder crops required for men and animals but also produces raw materials for various agro-industries viz., sugar and starch factories, textile mills, canning and food processing units”

“Soil is a habitat for plant growth bears certain physical, chemical and biological properties, which determined degree of workability, suitability to the specific crop varieties, physical and chemical capacities as well as productivity. The physical capacities of a soil are influenced by the size, proportion, and arrangement on mineral composition of the soil particles. The physical and biological properties of soil need careful studies because soil is a natural medium for the plant growth and gives mechanical support to plant.”

Pertanian –> interaksi : manusia – tanaman – tanah (lingkungan)

Tanaman –> proses: hidup – tumbuh – berkembang

Indonesia negara agraris –> sebagian penduduk menjadi petani atau buruh tani. Kepemilikan lahan sempit.

Iklim tropika –> CH tinggi, kelembaban tingggi, temperatur hangat sepanjang tahun maka perkembangan tanah intensif.

  1. Tanah kurang subur : tanah mineral masam, gambut.
  2. Tanah dekat volkan tetap subur (ada tambahan material baru).

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