Chlorophyll content of Red Amaranth was higher in green color polyethylene shade condition.

Chlorophyll content of red amaranth in different color polyethylene shade condition.

The red amaranth morphological parameter showed some specific pattern of response to the different polyethylene colors evaluated. Yield and morphological quality, total polyphenol, antioxidant activity, betacyanin content and color index were significantly higher when grown under blue polyethylene shade condition and chlorophyll content was higher in green color polyethylene shade condition. Both the yield and the quality of leafy vegetables are improved by the use of polyethylene shade covers during spring season. The results showed that under the conditions of this experiment, red amaranth can be produced with polyethylene of blue color to achieved optimum yieldwith health beneficiary chemical properties. Blue color polyethylene has potentials to increase the yield with health beneficiary pigments betacyanin, polyphenol and antioxidant activity especially during the spring season.

The Amaranthaceae family consists of hardy, weedy, herbaceous, fast-growing, cereal-like plants, with a seed yield of up to 3 tons/ hectare when grown in monoculture for 3-4 months, and a vegetable yield of 4.5 tons dry matter/hectare after 4 weeks. Amaranth is one of those rare plants whose leaves are eaten as a vegetable while the seeds are used as cereals.

Amaranth has the major advantages of high productivity and protein content:

  1. Amaranth productivity cent./heg.:
    • Phytomass 1000-1500,
    • Dry substance 200- 300,
    • Seeds 40- 50
  2. Protein content, % d.s.:
    • Phytomass 18-22,
    • Seeds 15-16



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