Zat Pengatur Tumbuh

Growth stimulators are exogenous natural organic compounds, which in very small draughts are able to influence significantly physiological process of plants growth and their development, not showing toxic effect in concentration  used and not being a nutrition source. Their activity is manifested in increased crop capacity, enhanced drought – and frost – resistance of vegetative plants, as well as in better disease resistance of plants (Karmanova et al., 2002).

At present there is an evergrowing trend to use preparations from the products of plant raw materials. In recent years scientists often appeal to study of self-protection mechanisms of plants in nature. Coniferous plants of Pinacea family produce many interesting substances, among which are those that serve as plant growth stimulators and protectors. The Siberian scientists have shown that the extract from the sum of triterpenic acids from Abies greenery effects the morphological plants indications similar to auxin: leaves become dark-green, roots length increases and crop capacity of many cereals and forage crops raises. The sum of triterpenic acids from Abies wood greenery was isolated by them for stimulator obtaining by extraction with organic solvent and further separation of acid and neutral part of extract by aqueous solution of alkali.


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