Biofertilizer Manual

The biofertilizer manual published March 2006 is the product of the Biofertilizer Project in FNCA (Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia). Eight countries, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam participate in this project. The Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Pham Van Toan, the Project Leader of Viet Nam. The manual is written by project members and other experts to share information and experiences of biofertilizer use in Asian countries, their effectiveness, efficient production processes, storage and application on different crops.

The manual has the following chapters:

  1. Introduction,
  2. General methods to evaluate microbial activity,
  3. Carriers for biofertilizers,
  4. Inoculant for biofertilizers including rhizobia, non-symbiotic nitrogen fixers, mycorrhiza, phosphorous solubilizers, and
  5. Quality control of biofertilizers, from advanced basic information to practical methods in each participating country.

The manual was written as easy as possible for scientists and technicians involved in biofertilizers in Asia. However, the manual may be quite difficult for farmers. It is our hope that scientists and technicians will translate some part of the manual into the respective mother language in some brochures or pamphlets for farmers.

The manual is able to be downloaded from this website. It is desired that this manual would be useful for improving and disseminating biofertilizer technology, and enhancing environmental friendly sustainable farming practices by reducing excessive amount of chemical fertilizer application.

Download : Biofertilizer Manual



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