Changes of Soil Carbon in Java

Following the decline, there is a slow increase of SOC after 1970s. This is the result of the government program and farmers’ effort to remediate the soil fertility by adding fertilizers, returning crop residues, and applying green compost and manures, and pest control as well. In the 1990s also there is a large interest in organic farming. SOC content has risen to a level of 1.1% in the 2000s. Lindert (2000) observed a rapid decline of organic matter in the topsoil since 1940, with a large drop to 1970 and a lesser rise thereafter. Our analysis displays the obvious increase of SOC after 1970. Table 1 shows SOC content and SOC stock grouped by decade. In 1930-1940 observation the median of SOC content is 2.11 % then decrease to 0.75 % ini 1970-1980. After that the median of SOC content increase to 1.18 %. Such increase however is still lower than the initial one. In other word there is rapid SOC loss during initial periode to 1970’s and then SOC slowly stabilized since 1970s to recent.

More :

  1. Monitoring Spatio-Temporal Changes of Soil Carbon in Java Using Legacy Soil Data

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