Global Soil Map

Developing the components of in Oceania
— an intensive workshop in Bogor, Indonesia —

Bogor: 7 – 10 February 2011

The agenda consist of 3 main programs:

  1. Program A (Day 1 – 7th Feb 2011): General seminar, GlobalSoilMap concepts and introduction; Oceania Node launch.
  2. Program B (Day 2 – 8th Feb 2011): Business meeting – establishing the processes and activities of the Oceania node; demonstrations of the scientific basis
  3. Program C (Day 3 – 9th Feb 2011): Field Trip to observe soil variability in some Javan areas

Meeting objectives:

  1. To assemble for the first time as a community of soil scientists responsible for initiating and implementing in the Oceania region (see:;
  2. To familiarise the Oceania soil science community with the concepts behind and the process of implementing the new soil information grid;
  3. To connect Oceania node members with members of the neighbouring East Asian node and establish links and shared practices;
  4. To launch the Oceania node of;
  5. To discuss governance, finance and business arrangements supporting the Oceania node; and
  6. To provide field context for the Oceania node with a visit to key sites on Java.

More: Workshop on Global Soil Map.Net – 2011

The pictures captured during Global Soil Map workshop in Bogor Indonesia has uploaded in

Join group in facebook: Oceania node – Indonesia

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