Seminar Kesuburan Tanah

  1. The 4th International Congress of ECSSS
    Date : 2-6 July 2012
    Location : Bari, Italy
    Dear Colleagues and Friends:
    As President of the European Confederation of Soil Science Societies (ECSSS) and of EUROSOIL 2012 it is my great pleasure to invite you to attend this important scientific and social Event hosted in Bari, a city located on the sunny and attractive southern Adriatic coast, and surrounded by a beautiful countryside very rich in cultural and artistic heritage and historical monuments. The International Congress EUROSOIL 2012 is the 4th of the Series after the very successful ones held in Reading, UK, in 2000, Freiburg, Germany, in 2004, and Wien, Austria, in 2008.
    The general theme of EUROSOIL 2012 “SOIL SCIENCE FOR THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND AND ENVIRONMENT” aims to encompass several aspects and to offer ample opportunity to explore many issues of current Soil Sciences. The main objective of the scientific programme and structure of the Congress is to provide an interactive forum of exchange of ideas by bringing together and establishing durable and strict relationships among older and younger soil scientists and researchers, technical and professional operators, industry and administrative representatives, policy makers and regulators operating in the field of Soil Sciences.
    The scientific programme of EUROSOIL 2012 is structured in 13 general topics that include 83 symposia and 16 workshops focused on the variety and complexity of Soil Science disciplines. Further, a number of roundtables, open debates, short courses and technical and business meetings will enrich the Congress programme.
    I wish to acknowledge and express my heartily thanks to all members of the Local, National and Scientific Committees and, in particular, to all the Conveners and Coconveners of Symposia, Workshops and other Congress Events for the instrumental, hard and challenging work they are doing in developing and promoting advanced attractive topics that represent the backbone of EUROSOIL 2012.
    I am confident that EUROSOIL 2012 will be extremely attractive, informative and memorable, and look forward to welcoming and meeting you in Bari in July 2012 for a unique, week-long, pleasant and unforgettable experience in a highly stimulating environment.
    Nicola Senesi
    President of ECSSS and EUROSOIL 2012
  2. Seminar dan Konggres Nasional HIimpunan Ilmu Tanah Indonesia (HITI)  X
    Waktu : tanggal 27-29 Oktober 2011
    Tempat : Banjarbaru, Kalimantan Selatan
    Web : . Leaflet : pdf
    Tema seminar terbagi kedalam 4 (empat) sub-tema, yaitu:
    (1) Tanah Sebagai Penghasil Biomassa: Pangan, Sandang, Energi, dan Estetika.
    (2) Kelestarian Lingkungan: Gas Rumah Kaca, Perubahan Iklim, Reklamasi dan Rehabilitasi Lahan Terdegradasi, dan Pengelolaan Lahan Marjinal.
    (3) Politik, Hukum, Ekonomi, dan Kebijakan Pertanahan: Penatagunaan Lahan, Pengelolaan Tanah Perkotaan dan Pedesaan, dan RTRW.
    (4) Pendidikan Ilmu Tanah: Standard Kompetensi, Revitalisasi Pendidikan Ilmu Tanah, dan Perspektif Ilmu Tanah.

  3. The 10th International Conference of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies
    date: 10 – 13 October 2011
    Location: Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    “Soil, a precious Natural Resource:  Agricultural Ecosystems, Environmental health & Climate change

    • Plant Nutrition & Environment
    • Soil Data Bases & Digital Soil Mapping
    • Hydrology & Water Management
    • Land Degradation & Management
    • Soil Ecosystems & Human Health
    • Management of Paddy Soils for Sustainable Production
    • Climate Change & Land Use
    • Soil Biology & Crop Production
    • Cropping Systems & Sustainable Management
    • Material Cycling in Soil & Regional Enviorenment
  4. Seminar Ilmiah Hasil Penelitian Padi Nasional
    waktu: akhir Juli 2011
    tempat: BB Padi. Subang. Jawa Barat
  5. Seminar Nasional Sumberdaya Lahan
    Badan Litbang Pertanian melalui Balai Besar Sumber Daya Lahan Pertanian (BBSDLP) menyelenggarakan Seminar Nasional,
    pada tanggal 13-14 Juli 2011,
    bertempat di Balai Penelitian Pertanian Lahan Rawa (Balittra), Banjarbaru, Kalimantan Selatan.
    Seminar ini bertujuan untuk menghimpun dan merumuskan masukan dari para pemangku kebijakan, pakar dan praktisi untuk menentukan arah dan strategi, serta sebagai sarana mengkomunikasikan dan menyebarkan IPTEK hasil penelitian sumberdaya lahan pertanian yang relevan dalam menghadapi perubahan iklim dan degradasi lahan untuk mencapai empat sukses Kemtan, dan mencapai target surplus 10 juta ton beras pada tahun 2014.
  6. International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter 2011
    Organic matter dynamics – from soils to oceans
    Location: Leuven, Belgium
    Date: 11-14 July 2011
    While the general scope will remain on soil organic matter dynamics in various ecosystems and in particular on its relationship with climate change, some additional aspects will be emphasized in the present symposium. In view of the largely unexplored relationships between different components in the landscape and their impact on organic carbon dynamics, the exchange between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems will be an important symposium theme. Carbon in surface waters after all is in part originating from soils and hence a description of global carbon dynamics can not be complete without equally detailed research of carbon dynamics in aquatic environments.
    A second point of interest resides in carbon studies of tropical agro-ecosystems. The difficulties to maintain or build-up soil organic carbon stocks in tropical agro-ecosystems is a long standing problem in soil science and/or agronomy. We deliberately encourage contributions from scientists with research on and pragmatical solutions to sequester carbon in tropical systems without compromising food production.
  7. Soil Interfaces in a Changing World. 6th ISMOM, 3rd Inter Congress of Division 2.5, IUSS, 2011
    Date: 26th June – 1st July 2011.
    Location: Montpellier, France.
    ISMOM (International Symposium on Interactions of Soil Minerals with Organic Components and Microorganisms) is a series of international symposia organised by Commission 2.5 (Soil chemical, physical and biological interfacial reactions) of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS,). The aim of the symposia is to create a forum for exchange and discussion between scientists from different fields of soil science: chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics, ecology and environmental science.
    ISMOM-2011, Soil Interfaces in a Changing World, follows successful 4-yearly meetings in Canada, France, Italy, China and Chile. We shall follow the tradition of friendly, stimulating encounters between scientists from all facets of soil science. There will not be parallel sessions, and generous periods will be allotted to poster presentations, discussions and social events. Registration fees are low and all-inclusive (lunches, coffee breaks, mid-week trip, gala dinner and welcome cocktail) with special rates for students and bursaries for students and scientists from under-funded countries.
    Special emphasis will be given to: changing climate and the effects on biogeochemical cycles and microbial activity in soils, changing demands on soil and the environment in terms of agricultural production and pollution standards, emerging pollutants, including nanoparticles, pathogens, new pesticides, pharmaceutical products and genetically modified plants, new developments in advanced analytical and research tools.
    Soil Interfaces in a Changing World. ISMOM 2011. 6th International Symposium of Interactions of Soil Minerals with Organic Components and Microorganisms Commission 2.5 Soil Interfacial Reactions, International Union of Soil Sciences.

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